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Jul 10 2005

Atlantic City NJ -

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Sep 24 2018

New Shirt Available for a *VERY* Limited Time!

want one place your order now in the store!

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Jan 05 2018

Welcome to the New!

s, a bio, an online store, and all the regular features we had on the old s

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Feb 03 2017

Rock Band T-Shirt Pre-Order

"" target=_blank>Click here to p

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Dec 08 2016

20% Off CDs Through 12/20

now 20% off at the store on Head over there to save some mon

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Apr 23 2016

30 Years of Sudden Death

"" target=_blank>The FuMP. If yo

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Jan 18 2016

Dinky McDiddlyboots Video

"" target=_blank>The FuMP, o

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Aug 15 2014

New Song: Paywutchyalike

"">4th Grade Talent Show.

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Apr 19 2014

"Lost in Time" Video

"">I Am The Doctor is finall

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Dec 28 2013

Funny 25 of 2013

p://">Best of Sudden Death compilat

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Jul 01 2013

New Release: Rhythms from the Crypt


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Dec 31 2012

New T-Shirt Design for January


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Nov 14 2012

Ridiculous Raps 4: Forces of Nature

om/orderdl.php">MP3 store.Mike Beucler said: "We need a rap son

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Mar 15 2012

Stupid Cowboy Thing Volume 2

p://" target=_blank>

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Jan 02 2012

Elevator Makes Funny 25

p://" target=_blank>Stupid Cowboy Th

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Jul 26 2011

New Cirque du So What Now Available" align="left" style="margin-ri

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Jun 14 2011

On Gmail and Living In The Cloud

o What sketches are stored in Google docs. My running count of FuMP subscr

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Apr 18 2011

Gnome Sane Now Available On CD" align="left" style="margin-ri

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Dec 30 2010

Welcome Back And Happy New Year

s directly from the Store page.- More free downloads. I'm Not Your Per

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Dec 08 2010

All CDs Must Go!

//">store now and pick up your copies. You

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Jun 16 2010

Sudden Death Blow-Out Sale or from the store at, but the cassettes are only availa

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Jun 12 2010

New Podcast!

ng up in the iTunes store shortly and we'll get it listed on any other podc

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Dec 12 2009

Netrikulator - Beta Testers Needed

score list so it's stored online and encompasses all players.The g

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Oct 13 2009

On Video Games and Horror

d in a video rental store and since I got free rentals I went alphabeticall

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Sep 29 2009

The Insider - Episode 2

ription fees become store credit. Click here to si

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Sep 03 2009

Devo Spice Update - 9/3/2009

lity downloads, and store credit, you can still join The Spice Rack for jus

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Aug 04 2009

New Fan Club Launched!

hatever I can.- Store credit! 100% of your subscription fees become cr

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Jun 02 2009

Feedback On Fan Club Wanted

you'd get: 1. Store credit. 100% of your subscription fees become st

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May 17 2009

Manic Mondays 210 and FuMP 14

FuMP 14 to the FuMP store in the morning.

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Jul 29 2008

Fatal Error Available In iTunes+ Format

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Mar 06 2008

Fatal Error Now Shipping">Click here to get yours today!

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Feb 06 2008

Fatal Error Now Available For Pre-Order


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Jun 30 2006

Die Laughing FINALLY On iTunes" target=_bla

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Aug 02 2004

Web Site Updates

on the iTunes music store. If you have iTunes installed just click on that

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Jan 16 2004

Sudden Death Songs on iTunes

pple's iTunes music store. Eight of the 12 songs on Fatal Accide

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Jan 03 2004

New Mix of Ozzman Available

s an MP3 in our MP3 store. (Click on the Buy link above, and then select M

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Nov 10 2003

End Of The Year Blowout Sale!

ices at the on-line stores, so to get the 20% off you will need to use the

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Aug 22 2003

New Site Officially Done

se at our CafePress store and more stuff planned. I just have to get all t

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Aug 19 2003

New Merchandise! New Lower Prices!

on line merchandise store. We have also lowered the prices o

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Jul 06 2003

Dr. Demento Premieres Ozzman

ref='mp3s.php3'>MP3 store and pick up your copy now! The song is also

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Jun 06 2003

Coming To An iTunes Near You

pple's iTunes Music Store. The store allows users to preview 30 seconds of

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  (Toe)Jam by Sudden Death

l with a fine wine Store it in a pickle jar, keep it in the pantry Collecting all your jam makes your house look fancy Scam all your jam as you jam to the beat Dig deep into your big pteradactyl f

Song Info

  Dead Rappers by Sudden Death

irt nap And in the store you hear the beats cranked high, you look the clerk In the eye and say hey didn't this guy die Their careers go on even though they're long gone There's a signing next wee

Song Info

  Do You Piss In The Shower? by Sudden Death

adin' to the record store Gonna buy a new tape that came out the day before Halfway there when I got a big scare There's a guy with a clipboard scratching his hair With a pencil, he's a Mall-C

Song Info

  Doctor in Distress by Devo Spice

gs from a Good Will store He looked a bit like a Killer Klown from Outer Space [music stops abruptly] With his hair... What, what is going on? - That's it. We're done

Song Info

  Everybody Dies by Sudden Death

you can rent in the store And you know that they're gonna make more, and keep it up (aww) And the story's the same, we ask why Kids go to camp, have sex, and then die So what, you don't need a plo

Song Info

  Give It To Everybody by Sudden Death

oupons from the sex stores We did it on the bus, all 23 of us Always busy gettin' busy, and now I'm oozing pus I know you got infected, walkin' all funny now You're gettin' crusty scabs, and a cou

Song Info

  I'm Not Your Personal IT Guy by Devo Spice

m the Windows Media store and I can't get them onto my iPhone. (Of course.) I was wondering if you could help me with that. Also I'm working with some pictures I took. I do

Song Info

  In The 80s by Devo Spice

no, we went to the store And used to bore through the huge pile of vinyl on the floor No MP3, OMG, or LOL I'm not kiddin', no we didn't have the internet at all (spoken:) Wai

Song Info

  It Was a Good Black Friday by Devo Spice

t as I approach the store Thinkin' will I give, to the santa by the door I got a plushie of a Porg and it's so soft I think I found a Switch, and check it out it's half Off, had to

Song Info

  Lean Christmas by Devo Spice

I'm at the dollar store and can't afford nothin' at all I dig deep into my pocket to see what I can find Excuse me, what can I get for two buttons and a piece of twine? Hey there's a toy car with

Song Info

  Nothin' But A Geek Thang by Devo Spice

for me to go and restore my health So I grab emergency Funions from my utility belt I never seen this particular bonus stuff It's the super deluxe bonus extended director's cut It's the same film

Song Info

  Paywutchyalike by Devo Spice

that genius in the store? Just punch him in the biscuits! [*punch*]/(Oohf!) All: And take-wutchyalike. [*punch*]/[*Wilhelm Scream*] Devo: Now if you had an operation, ignore the bill. Ain't no

Song Info

  Pop Goes The Pimple by Sudden Death

take you to a drug store You got pimples that spread like cancer Maybe plastic surgery is the answer But burstin' is the fate that you've chosen Blowin' up like a nuclear explosion Keep squeezin

Song Info

  Put It Away by Devo Spice

stuff A whole toy store wouldn't have enough stuff Buy all the things 'cause they adore stuff Then they bored and they take apart your stuff Look at all these toys, all plastic and day-glo There

Song Info

  Smoker by Sudden Death

diot) [cough]

Song Info

  Snack Bar by Devo Spice

cks from the corner store Drive into Wendy's, order a Frosty The clerk be like (unintelligible) Don't want no healthy food, salad or a cantaloupe Craving so much meat that I could

Song Info

  Superfriends by Sudden Death

e right there, to restore the peace You can rely on the good guys, uh huh And nobody ever dies, uh huh Just when we thought we were finally done Brainiac, Bizarro, and the Toyman come Two Fac

Song Info

  TARDIS Ride by Devo Spice

let's see what's in store Your life'll change forever when you walk through the front door Ride Ride Come on everybody let's see what's in store I'll take you any place except

Song Info

  The Adventures Of Mr. Long by Sudden Death

trip to the corner store Doesn't worry about back talk or worry about a scuffle He's perfectly safe doin' the old Knuckle Shuffle [chorus]

Song Info

  The Psychic Enemies Network by Sudden Death

t the future has in store for you I gotta concentrate to clearly let the message come through It says you'll win the lottery but lose the ticket When your house catches fire and your dog dies in

Song Info

  They Must Die by Sudden Death

to work in a video store. You'd hate him too if you had to look at 400 pictures of this little brat's face plastered all over the store.), Rush Limbaugh- (I think Da Other Asiatics said it best

Song Info

  Trick or Treatin' by Devo Spice

br> Have to go the store, buy the candy that I'm eatin' That's lame, it isn't the same as back then If only I could go trick or treatin' again Trick or treatin', y'all Trick or tr

Song Info

  Wedgies by Sudden Death

rs from a Star Trek store And they boldly went where they've never gone before Once they go up they feel like plastic Time turns 'em into swiss cheese with an elastic It won't be long, in fact it'

Song Info

  What's Really in my Hot Dog? by Devo Spice

) pick me up at the store Full of sodium and lecithin and so much more I'm a hearty all-American symbol of pride So forget what's inside, never mind what's inside (repeat) Whe

Song Info

  What's Up, Migraine? by Devo Spice

lse this day has in store If anyone asks, I'm not OK See flashy lights, like a Christmas display My head explodes, like Michael Bay And it always seems to last for about three days

Song Info

I will be expanding the search functionality in the future. For now this searches songs, lyrics, albums, videos, news entries, and tour dates for your query. If you are looking for something else and can't find it let me know so I can see about adding it to this page. - Devo




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