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  The Last Song on the Album by Devo Spice

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Jun 14 2019

Clifton NJ - Dog Fashion Disco CD Release Weekend

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May 07 2005

Brooklyn NY -

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May 03 2024

New Album: Cover Up

for special tribute albums. Some were done just to perform at MarsCon's Dem

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Aug 30 2022

New Song: "Forget Your Phone"

in FAWM, "February Album Writing Month." I wrote a bunch of songs but nev

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Jul 05 2022

Guest Appearance on New 2d6 Song" target="_blank">

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Dec 29 2020

New Poll: What are my top 50 songs?

any songs from each album as you like. If you haven't heard a song or albu

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Nov 22 2020

Same Stupid Music, Lower Stupid Prices!

he prices on all my albums and merchandise. I realized recently t

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Dec 29 2019

And the most requested song of 2019 is...

tempt for my latest album, The Anarchist's Jokebook. With less than two we

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May 08 2019

Radio Free Brooklyn Interview Now Online

n to promote my new album, the Madam Opus project, and the show at QED Asto

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Mar 05 2019

The Anarchist's Jokebook Is Now Shipping


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Feb 11 2019

Now Accepting Pre-Orders for My New Album

e-orders for my new album The Anarchist's Jokebook! The album wil

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Feb 01 2019

New Album Announcement: The Anarchist's Jokebook

d to release my new album that weekend! So just consider the entire conven

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Apr 15 2018

Tax Year Bundle #4 Now Available

features two comedy albums, "Internet Famous" by Insane Ian and "Herp Derp

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Jan 05 2018

Welcome to the New!

or all my available albums and play any song from any of them.* And feel f

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Nov 24 2017

Black Friday!"> This

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Apr 23 2016

30 Years of Sudden Death

, releasing a dozen albums, performing in front of hundreds and occasionall

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Jan 18 2016

Dinky McDiddlyboots Video " target=_blank>iTunes,

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Dec 02 2014

New Album Herp Derp Ya Don't Sterp Out Now!

er="0"> My new album Herp Derp Ya Don't Sterp is now available

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Nov 17 2014

New Album Podcast

Want to hear my new album Herp, Derp, Ya Don't Sterp before you buy

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Oct 31 2014

Psychostick Live Album Offer

come a special live album that will only be available to people who bought

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Oct 27 2014

New Album Announcement

ngs done for a full album. So I figured I should probably release it. So

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Aug 15 2014

New Song: Paywutchyalike

will be on my next album. If you don't want to wait that long you can hea

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Apr 19 2014

"Lost in Time" Video

Doctor Who concept album

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Feb 09 2014

I Am The Doctor Available on February 22nd

Doctor Who concept album I Am The Doctor will be available on February 22n

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Feb 01 2014

Sophie Aldred Appears on 7th Doctor Song

for the Doctor Who album. The first was the 5th Doctor Peter Davison who

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Jan 21 2014

New Manic Mondays Web Site

once the Doctor Who album is done. Also, it's going to take Goog

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Dec 28 2013

Funny 25 of 2013

upcoming Doctor Who album came in, appropriately enough, at number 5. This

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Oct 10 2013

Doctor Who Album Kickstarter

The Doctor concept album is now live! You can help make this project a re

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Jul 10 2013

Rhythms from the Crypt on BandCamp

on't want the whole album. So if you just want the handful of updated song

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Jul 01 2013

New Release: Rhythms from the Crypt

ten-delayed, double-album, other-hyphenated album is now finally available!

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Mar 08 2013

I Got A Doctor On A Song

o release a concept album called I Am The Doctor later this year.Th

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Aug 09 2012

The Best of Sudden Death Poll

th 2-CD compilation album. The plan is to fund it with a Kickstarter campa

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Mar 15 2012

Stupid Cowboy Thing Volume 2

This is the third album by my sketch comedy group Cirque du So What and s

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Jan 02 2012

Elevator Makes Funny 25

r recently released album

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Nov 28 2011

Gnome Sane Available In Android Market

es can download the album directly to your phone.

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Oct 25 2011

New Song: How To Sing

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Sep 01 2011

Mink Car Cover Album

>The Mink Car Cover album is now available and features a new Devo Spice so

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Jul 26 2011

New Cirque du So What Now Available

g delayed follow up album is now available! Stupid Cowboy Thing, Volume 1:

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Jul 07 2011

Minor Update Between Packing

tracks from my new album. In other news, the Nerdapalooza sched

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May 10 2011

The Dumbest Song On Rock Band Hits The FuMP

k Band" from my new album Gnome Sane? is now available as a free download f

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Apr 18 2011

Gnome Sane Now Available On CD

right:10px";>My new album Gnome Sane is now available on CD! You can pick

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Apr 13 2011

Send Me Your Receipts

o soon. Send it to If you haven't gotten your receip

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Apr 03 2011

Thank You Doesn't Cover It

hen I submitted the album to CDBaby I realized they didn't have Comedy list

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Mar 31 2011

New Album Now Available!

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Mar 24 2011

Album Cover and Track List

st and show off the album cover. Check it out.

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Mar 10 2011

Promo For New Album

your support!

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Feb 25 2011

New Song With Commentary

sode of The Insider Album Podcast, where I play one song from my upcoming a

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Feb 16 2011

The Album Podcast Begins Today

a track from my new album Gnome Sane begin today. The first episode, featu

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Feb 10 2011

New Album Announcement

nnounce that my new album Gnome Sane will be released on April 1, 20

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Feb 01 2011

Moving Right Along

that.And in album news I have decided on a release date, and as soo

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Jan 19 2011

The Insider Episode 18 - Now In Audio

about my impending album, information about another secret project, and ev

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Jan 14 2011

MarsCon Information and Fund Raiser CD

ew of what's on the album

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Dec 30 2010

Welcome Back And Happy New Year

right now I have an album to finish. In the mean time this should serve me

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Sep 29 2010

The Insider Episode 14

ghts on the FuMP 22 album cover, Luke Ski's new song featuring me, and my n

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Sep 06 2010

FuMP 22 Album Cover

on the latest FuMP album cover-that I have yet to do an illustration for T

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Jul 29 2010

EscapePod Narration: Unexpected Outcomes

r to do now that my album is on hold. *sigh*The story is Unexpected

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Jul 10 2010

Interview on The Hip Hop Shop

nternet compilation album; the alt.rap.unsigned.tape from 1992.Tune

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Jun 16 2010

Sudden Death Blow-Out Sale

//">Albums page at So go to

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May 18 2010

Devo Spice Update - 5/18/2010

utting together our album Procrastinators Of The Apocalypse was we had too

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Mar 22 2010

Cirque du So What Album Available

ying it.The album is now available for sale over at

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Feb 27 2010

First Cirque du So What Tracks Surface

der.The album Procrastinators Of The Apocalypse is now availabl

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Feb 15 2010

Secret Project Revealed!

hing touches on the album to get it ready for production. The debut album

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Aug 14 2009

Devo Spice Newsletter - Issue 1

the new Devo Spice album, the horror story that was my flight to Californi

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Aug 04 2009

New Fan Club Launched!

by the time my new album is out you'll have it paid for. Use your credits

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Jun 29 2009

Just Plain Folks Nominations

ed for Best Novelty Album and Pillagers is nominated for Best Novelty Song.

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Jun 02 2009

Feedback On Fan Club Wanted

dit, so when my new album comes out or a new shirt or something you can buy

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Apr 28 2009

RavenCon Report and Pics

ld have had a whole album done, but we did what we could. We ended up doin

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Mar 24 2009

MarsCon Photos

t.The whole album is posted on Flickr

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Mar 19 2009

OK, what was I doing now?

released on her new album. I had to bow out of the Insane Ian zombie song

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Mar 15 2009

Manic Mondays 201

each released a new album at MarsCon - Positive Attitude, Insane Ian, and C

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Jul 29 2008

Fatal Error Available In iTunes+ Format


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Feb 06 2008

Fatal Error Now Available For Pre-Order

r the CD. I put the album up on The FuMP, so you can pre-order it here:

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Oct 26 2006

Now Featuring FREE MP3s!

ngs from our latest album Die Laughing are now available as MP3s directly f

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Jun 30 2006

Die Laughing FINALLY On iTunes

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Jan 01 2006

We're Number One!

web site on our new album Die Laughing. This is the first time a

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Dec 18 2005

Live CD Available At Shows

s the only way this album will be available. It will not be sold online.

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Nov 18 2005

Sudden Death Joins Podsafe Music Network">Die Laughing and will be su

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May 15 2005

The First Review of Die Laughing

ike a lot of comedy albums that you play and then file away once you've hea

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Apr 27 2005

Die Laughing Now Shipping!

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Feb 12 2005

Inner Voice Debuts On Dr. Demento

coming Sudden Death album which recently underwent a name change. It will

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Mar 20 2004

Pop Star Makes The Funny Five

r hands for our new album. Let's keep those requests coming! You can go t

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Feb 21 2004

Pop Star Debuts on Dr. Demento

t wait for our next album to come out you can purchase the entire song righ

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Nov 10 2003

End Of The Year Blowout Sale!

ar all Sudden Death albums are %20 off! That means you can pick up Fatal A

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Aug 22 2003

New Site Officially Done

ctions and click on Albums. Pick the album you want and you'll see that th

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Aug 09 2003

Ozzman On The Funny Five again! (updated 9/22)

ong before our next album comes out (whenever that will be) you can downloa

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Jun 06 2003

Coming To An iTunes Near You

u can buy an entire album for $9.99. The store has abeen a huge success an

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May 24 2003

MP3s Available

nt to buy an entire album. Wellnow you can get one or all of our songs at

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Feb 01 2003

Zombie Horde and Birthday Sale

te all Sudden Death albums are on sale 15% off for the month of February.

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Nov 02 2002

Call Toll Free!

to order the older albums you'll have to follow the on-line order page lin

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  Dead Rappers by Sudden Death

coasts Puttin' out albums long after they've decomposed So their lyrics are a little behind the times But how do they get the dead to write rhymes Song after song on the radio I hear Is by a guy

Song Info

  Fortune Cookie by Sudden Death


Song Info

  I'm On It by Sudden Death

nni. Their first album, "Thundernipple Jones' Alphabet Adventure," was hailed by critics as the rebirth of Canadian Death Raggae. Sudden Death's tour rider includes a requirement that nine vir

Song Info

  Inner Voice by Sudden Death

banjo Falco tribute album" Done, and done. "Put on a tutu, glue two live wiener dogs to your face, and prance around the subway terminal screaming 'Stop looking at me!'" OK "There's no reason no

Song Info

  Spam by Sudden Death

somebody bought an album, and spam. Spam, spam, spam... (build chorus in background) Glorius spam, oh wonderful spam!

Song Info

  State Of The Art by Sudden Death

of the art Every album that comes out is worse than the last one Some curses and a verse about how they're gonna blast one Mumbling the lyrics off instead of really handling That way you can't t

Song Info

  The Last Song on the Album by Devo Spice

at the end The album should've ended with a big top wow So I won't be offended if you hit stop now No final farewell, no epic grand finale No grandiose swell around which we can al

Song Info

I will be expanding the search functionality in the future. For now this searches songs, lyrics, albums, videos, news entries, and tour dates for your query. If you are looking for something else and can't find it let me know so I can see about adding it to this page. - Devo




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