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New Song: "Forget Your Phone"
August 30, 2022

Several years ago I took part in FAWM, "February Album Writing Month." I wrote a bunch of songs but never bothered to record any of them. Well, I finally did! "Forget Your Phone" is now available on The FuMP.

Guest Appearance on New 2d6 Song
July 5, 2022

2d6 just released a new album and I'm on it! 2d6's new album You Just Can't Have One is another collection of nerdy/funky songs with stupid titles like "Friendzoned by Wolverine" and "Dirt Boy the Time God Dies of Cancer." The album includes 16 tracks and features guest appearances by LEX the Lexicon Artist, Beefy, and Rand from Ookla the Mok, besides me. I appear on a song which can only be described as the spiritual successor to the Sudden Death classic "Getting Old Sucks," except this one is called "Get Out of My Head And Into My Southwest Flavor" for some reason.

You Just Can't Have One is available now from their Bandcamp page. It should be available on CD at some point too, but it appears to be digital only for now.

New Song: "Zipper Injuries"
June 29, 2022

A few weeks ago I put out a call for new suggestions for ridiculous topics for rap songs. (If you didn't see it you should follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or join my mailing list.) I got a lot of great suggestions but there was one that stood out above the rest. One that made me say this has potential. Also ouch. That suggestion was "Zipper Injuries" from Jeff Whitmire.

The song is up now as a free download from The FuMP and will be one of July's free songs of the month right here. Also, there's a video! Enjoy!

Guest Appearance on a Worm Quartet Song
February 25, 2022

Yes, you read that right. I am finally on a Worm Quartet song! Shoebox has been on several hundred of my songs, seemingly, but I've never actually been on one of his... until now!

"Take The Fire Back (Prometheus Has Left The Building)" is an anti-anti-science rant. Shoebox wrote too many words for one person to say so he enlisted me to say half of them.

Listen Now

New Song: "Odor in the Fridge"
December 31, 2021

A couple weeks ago I asked my fans for more ridiculous suggestions for song topics. I got lots of good ones this time, but the winning suggestion came from Bonnie Beck (@blondoid on Twitter) who said "There's a mystery smell in the fridge." I also got a little inspiration from the previous song on The FuMP.

Listen Now

New Song: "Pumpkinhead"
October 26, 2021

In the weeks leading up to FuMPFest I came up with an idea for my Dumb Parody Idea. Unfortunately I didn't have time to do anything with it since FuMPFest ate up all my free time and brain cells. But once FuMPFest was over I decided to just do it as a complete song because you can't stop me.

"Pumpkinhead" is a parody of "Pumpkin Bread" by TV's Kyle, which he wrote after the President of Television at Cartoon Network bought some pumpkin bread from a bunch of nuns and then tossed it out to employees at their holiday party. Yes, really. As with all of Kyle's songs it's a remarkable earworm.

The movie Pumpkinhead (trailer) is about a remote farmer whose young son is accidentally killed by some obnoxious teens and he summons a vengeance demon to take revenge on them. It goes sideways from there. The movie has amazing practical creature effects and has been a favorite of mine for a long time.

And the fact that I have to explain ALL OF THAT is why this is a Dumb Parody Idea.

Dr. Demento WUSB Interview - "Star Trek Life" Prem
October 6, 2021

Back in April of 2000 Dr. Demento was a guest at I-CON which took place at SUNY Stony Brook on Long Island. At some point I met up with him and gave him a CD of my then-new song "Star Trek Life." Later that night he was interviewed by Dr. Howard Margolin on WUSB where he premiered the song and talked about "South Park Junkie." That interview is now online.

Click here to listen.*

I-CON was probably my favorite science fiction convention ever. It was the first convention I ever attended as a kid and it's the one I still compare all other conventions to. I missed a few years because I was away at college and living in Rochester but Dr. Demento's appearance in 2000 got me back and also got me performing. I performed at the Cabaret that year which he hosted. That was also where I met Voltaire for the first time. I would return to I-CON to perform every year until the convention ended in 2017. I still miss it.

*I tried setting up a TinyCC link for this URL but the domain isn't allowed.

Interview on FENIX
August 25, 2021

FENIX is a new blockchain platform that is designed to connect artists and fans in a new way. They reached out to me about being interviewed and I was happy to oblige. You can watch my interview with Will Nunziata of FENIX on YouTube now. Click on the link below. It's only about 15 minutes long.

Click here to watch

I Won TWO Logan Awards!
August 20, 2021

The Logan Awards were presented at FuMPFest this year and were hosted by Dr. Demento, and I'm shocked to say that I won two of them!

"Zoom Meeting" won the award for Outstanding Parody Song and "Spider Verses" won the award for Outstanding Comedy Music Video. I am thrilled to have won both of these awards, especially up against such great competition this year.

Thank you to everyone who nominated my songs, the jurors of this year's committee, and the Logan's Chairman Insane Ian. This means a lot to me. Thank you so much!

Escape from Vault Disney
August 6, 2021

Tony Goldmark started a podcast some time ago called Escape from Vault Disney where he and some colleagues pick a show or movie at random from the Disney+ catalog and then watch it and discuss it. I appear as a guest on the August 4, 2021 episode!

TV's Kyle and Insane Ian were also on as the Randomizer chose episode 3 of the 1994 animated series The Fantastic Four; an episode titled "Now Comes the Sub-Mariner." It's a lot of fun! The podcast, that is. The cartoon is terrible, but the podcast is fun.

Escape from Vault Disney is available on your favorite podcast directory. Or click here to listen.




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