Catchy, funny, geeky hip-hop

"Writes some of the funniest Hip Hop lyrics I've ever heard." - Dr. Demento

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"With a deadpan delivery, sampled beats (that often turn into clever mashups,) a sharp wit, and a plethora of nerdist pop-culture references, Devo Spice wrings humor from our technology-obsessed day to day lives."

- Jim Testa, Jersey Beat Magazine

Devo Spice writes nerdy comedy-rap songs and has become one of the most popular artists on the Dr. Demento Show. He performs regularly across the country at music clubs, comedy clubs, and science fiction conventions.


Now on TikTik for Some Reason
July 24, 2021

Sometimes I can't shut off my brain. This is one of those times. I made a video and posted it t TikTok. Watch it here! It's stupid! And it's related to the new He-Man show on Netflix!

If you're in TikTok you can follow me here. I don't know exactly what I'll be doing on TikTok yet, but I'm sure it'll be something.




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