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The FuMP Volume 16 by Artists of The FuMP


CD: $9.99

The FuMP Volume 16 features all the songs posted to The FuMP during July and August of 2009, plus a video of Carrie Dahlby performing "Killing You Softly" live at her wedding, and original artwork by Earl "Wyngarde" Luckes.

Track list:
1. Dumbledore (live) - Steve Goodie
2. We're Goin' To The Dells (The Wisconsin Dells) - The Great Luke Ski featuring Carrie Dahlby
3. Kill The Enemies - Possible Oscar
4. Draining the Lizard on a Dead Gay Wizard - Nuclear Bubble Wrap
5. Don't Forget To Remember - TV's Kyle
6. Platform Wars - Devo Spice featuring The Great Luke Ski and Dual Core
7. Mallet of Metal - Consortium of Genius
8. Unbeatable Buns - Robert Lund
9. It's Its - Power Salad
10. Gollum Blues - Marc Gunn
11. The Prices Suck At Whole Foods - Project Sisyphus
12. The Vomit Song - Steve Goodie
13. Amnesia Was Her Name - Lemon Demon
14. Creepy Internet Guy - Nuclear Bubble Wrap
15. God Bless Stephen Colbert - The Great Luke Ski
16. The Force Is The Force - Carla Ulbrich
17. The Floating Princess Sing-Along - TV's Kyle
18. Louie "The Lighter"'s Bingo House Of Doom
19. But You Get to Have Cake - Robert Lund
20. My Parents Bought Me Intellivision - The Great Luke Ski featuring Insane Ian

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