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The FuMP Volume 64: July - August 2017 by Artists of The FuMP


CD: $9.99

Ah, the summer of '17, when we learned what was really in our hot dogs, all one could accomplish while in line at the DMV, and 2 drinks was enough for any responsible adult.

Of course, not everyone enjoys the summer, as Insane Ian is quick to point out. On the other hand, Steve Goodie points out a whole list of words that sound dirty, but they ain't. And the Library Bards point out the hypocrisy, idiocy, and sexism that is rampant in our favorite nerdy toy lines.

Come join Lauren Mayer on a tour of "Hormone Hell," and take a ride with Holy Bongwater on the "Electric Chair." FuMP 64 has it all, including an N64 inspired logo, and a behind-the-scenes video of Insane Ian's video shoot for "Summer Time Jam."

Track list:
1. One in a Million by Kyle Cawthon
2. Electric Chair by Holy Bongwater
3. My Butt Feels Weird (Ask Your Grandma) by Bonecage
4. Hufflepuffs by Insane Ian
5. 2 Drinks by Stuckey & Murray
6. The Duel by The Flatworms
7. Cowhog by Smashy Claw
8. We Don't Care by Steve Goodie
9. When I'm Dead, Part 3 by Grottomatic
10. Hormone Hell by Lauren Mayer
11. Words That Sound Dirty, But They Ain't by Steve Goodie
12. I Brake For Cake (Next Level Hotel Food) by 2d6
13. DMV by Truth in Advertising
14. Edgy Atheist Hallelujah by Holy Bongwater
15. What's Really in My Hot Dog? by Devo Spice
16. Geeky Girl by The Library Bards
17. Summer Time Jam by Insane Ian
18. WW3 + HDTV + AC/DC CD by Nuclear Bubble Wrap

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