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The FuMP Volume 49 by Artists of The FuMP


CD: $9.99

The FuMP charges headlong into 2015 with new songs by the great Luke Ski, Devo Spice, Steve Goodie, Insane Ian, Bonecage, Mikey Mason, and more!

The Great Luke Ski explores the Twilight Zone, Steve Goodie explores Tinder, and Devo Spice tells the story of Mad Mike Beucler's "Groundhogcow."

The CD and high quality download also comes with a video of Devo Spice and Carla Ulbrich performing her song "Duet with a Klingon."

Track list:
1. Another New Year by Mikey Mason
2. Biggest Fan by Dino-Mike
3. Steve's Harry Potter Medley by Steve Goodie
4. The Twilight Zone by the great Luke Ski
5. Amazon (dot com) by Bonecage
6. Rules of the Road (radio edit) by Insane Ian
7. It's Hip to Jump on Squares by TV's Kyle
8. (Nobody Loves The) Comedy Band - ROCK by Raymond and Scum
9. Pizza Heroes by Lemon Demon
10. It's Your Birthday, Ain't It? by Mikey Mason
11. Love Me Tinder by Steve Goodie
12. Must Love Dogs (IanPlugged) by Insane Ian
13. Written on Your Face by Bonecage
14. Close Your Eyes (Demon Lullaby) by Marc Gunn
15. Four Things You Need To Know by TV's Kyle
16. Groundhogcow by Devo Spice
17. An Agnostic Gospel Song [featuring Andy Corwin] by Steve Goodie

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