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The FuMP Volume 42 by Artists of The FuMP


CD: $9.99

What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything? Why, The FuMP, of course! The FuMP Volume 42 features all of the songs that we released during November and December of 2013 including this year's crop of crazy Christmas songs. And some of them are pretty crazy.

Insane Ian parodied Miley Cyrus about the classic video game Super Monkey Ball. Devo Spice released the first track of his upcoming Doctor Who concept album, and newcomers Debs & Errol sing about Star Trek's lovable balls of fur, the Tribble.

For Christmas Mikey Mason visits a strip club, TV's Kyle is playing Zelda, and KILL THE BAND offers up the ultimate Christmas gift.

The CD and high quality digital download also include a video of Ookla The Mok performing their #1 song "Tantric Yoda" live at Con on the Cob.

High quality MP3 version available now. CD coming soon.

Track list:
1. Free Water by Redbox and the Chilipeppers
2. Here Comes My Baby by Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction
3. What's In My Hotdog - Live by Steve Goodie
4. Super Monkey Ball by Insane Ian
5. Future Fighterz by Positude
6. Stressin' Out by Seamonkey
7. Who Is The Doctor? by Devo Spice
8. Wizard Lyfe by TV's Kyle
9. Movie In A Movie (Love Theme From All Critics Must Die) by Tony Goldmark
10. Rudolph The Blood Soaked Reindeer by Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction
11. Everybody Loves Raymond by Lemon Demon
12. Anal For Christmas by KILL THE BAND
13. Tribbles by Debs & Errol
14. Strip Club Christmas by Mikey Mason
15. Steve The Pirate - live by Steve Goodie
16. Merry Christmas (WWRJD) by Bonecage
17. Playing Zelda (Instead of Christmas) by TV's Kyle
18. Miley Christmas by Robert Lund and
19. Christopher Robin's Lament by Insane Ian
20. So Many Fwends by Nuclear Bubble Wrap

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Who Is The Doctor?

It Was a Good Black Friday
03/02- Minneapolis, MN

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