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Rhythms from the Crypt: The Best of Sudden Death by Devo Spice


CD: $19.99

From 1986 until 2008 Devo Spice performed under the "group" name Sudden Death. With the help of some of his partners in crime including MC Squared, Tha Perfessor, Piles, and Bozhead, Devo Spice released eight Sudden Death albums. This two CD set brings together the best of all of that music.

Volume 1 is The 21st Century and features tracks from Fatal Accident Zone (2002, which were remastered), Die Laughing (2005), and Fatal Error (2008).

Volume 2 is The 20th Century and features songs from Dead Things Can Rap Too (1991), Noise Pollution (1993), Brain Dead (1995), A Decade of Decay (1996), and Unplugged (1998). All of these tracks have been remixed, remastered, tweaked, and edited to make them sound as good as possible.

In addition there are several exclusive tracks on this compilation including entirely re-recorded versions of "Ozzman" and "My Doctor's A Quack," an updated version of "South Park Junkie" which contains a newly written verse, and an extended mix of "The Mouth" which contains an additional rant by Mr. Zipp.

Track list:
1. Cellular Degeneration
2. Ozzman (2013)
3. Dead Rappers
4. My Atari
5. Spam
6. Getting Old Sucks
7. Star Trek Life
8. Inner Voice
9. New Jersey Lifestyle
10. Rest Home Gangstas
11. Pac-Man
12. Reign of Error
13. Superfriends
14. Pillagers
15. Road Ragin'
16. I Heart New York
17. Why Can't I Shoot The Dog?
18. Pop Star
19. Down Thurr
20. Blood Guts and Boobs
21. South Park Junkie (2012)
22. I'm Bored
23. The House Party Polka
24. PMS
25. Abby Normal
26. Halitosis
27. Praying to the Porcelain God
28. Necrophilia
29. It Sucks to be You
30. Bran
31. Do You Piss in the Shower?
32. Hip Hop Gangsta
33. Hold On (To Your Lunch)
34. Psycho Slut From Hell
35. Pop Goes The Pimple
36. Rabid Chipmunks
37. My Doctor's A Quack (2013)
38. The Psychic Enemies Network
39. Dead Rubber Chicken
40. Masturbate
41. Rhyme Master
42. The Mouth (Extended Mix)

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