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Fatal Accident Zone by Sudden Death


CD: $9.99

Sudden Death's debut release with FIDIM Interactive, LLC includes their hit songs from the Dr. Demento Show "Dead Rappers" and "Star Trek Life." Additional Devo Spice and the crew tackle such topics as life in New Jersey, alien abductions, fraternities, and the classic TV cartoon Superfriends.

This CD also contains a full multimedia presentation containing additional songs such as The Great Luke Ski's #1 hit "Peter Parker" featuring Devo Spice, all the songs' lyrics, and even a screen saver for your Mac or PC.

Track list:
1. New Jersey Lifestyle
2. Blow Up The Bathroom
3. Star Trek Life
4. Dead Rappers
5. Alien Probes
6. Internet Love Connection
7. Frat Boys
8. State Of The Art
9. Superfriends
10. Hangnail
11. Road Ragin'
12. Down With The Ship

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