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First Annual NY Funny Songs Fest
(May 16, 2012)

Jessica Delfino has organized the First Annual New York Funny Songs Fest, a 4 day festival of comedy music taking place in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The festival runs from June 7-10 with various shows happening at various nearby venues. I will be performing as part of a comedy music showcase on Friday, June 8th at Casa Mezcal. The full press release is below.


50+ Comedy Musicians To Perform Funny Songs For 4 Days

Lower East Side, NY, NY

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: A woman plays a song on her rape whistle to ward off her potential attacker. A guitarist demonstrates how dozens of songs use the same chords in the same order as a famous classical piece. A ukulele player recounts how he got searched by the NYPD while carrying a stool sample.

What do these three songs have in common? You can hear them live at the 1st Annual NY Funny Songs Fest, a four-day comedy music festival taking place Thursday June 7 – Sunday June 10th primarily at assorted venues in the Lower East Side. Whether it’s the PG rated songs or the more provocative jingles that “pluck your strings”, so to speak, there’s something for everyone in this festival, which will celebrate the beloved comedy art form that is the song with a punch line.

In this gathering of those who tell jokes to a beat, you can hear songs performed on guitar, ukulele, rape whistle and more, by comedy musicians Rob Paravonian, Jen Kwok, Ben Lerman, Myq Kaplan and Micah Sherman (Myq and Micah), Soce The Elemental Wizard, Mindy Raf, Carolyn Castiglia, videos by Adira Amramand Stuckey & Murray and many, many others, including festival creator and long time NYC based comedy musician, Jessica Delfino.

“Comedy music is a unique art form that gives bookers a headache since they don’t know whether to put us in stand up clubs or music venues,” says Delfino.

“Henry Phillips kind of nailed it in his movie, ‘Punching The Clown’, when he said “I’ve got one foot in the music door, one foot in the comedy door…I’m not really getting anywhere. Just kind of humping the wall between the two doors.”

Jessica, who has been doing comedy music for a decade in New York City adds that the Lower East Side, which she calls home, has been a mecca for comedy music performers for years and is a natural choice for the festival location.

Festival schedule and highlights, including several (mostly short, sweet) shows at Tammany Hall, Lolita Bar, Casa Mezcal, The Dressing Room, The Upstairs Bar and more are below.

Tickets and more information are available at and at


Thursday, June 7:
• It’s Opening Night! Party: We got free food from sponsors Rocket Joe’s Pizza among others, and 2 for 1 beer / cheap drink specials, gift bags and raffle prizes – Lolita Bar, 266 Broome St., 6 PM, admission free with ticket purchase to either of Thursday night’s comedy music showcases

• 2 Great Comedy Music Showcases: Hilarious, short and sweet featuring Rob Paravonian, Jen Kwok, Molly Pope, Devo Spice, Ben Lerman, Jessica Delfino and others – Lolita Bar, 266 Broome St., 7:30 PM and 9 PM, $8 in advance, $10 at the door

• A Kickin’ After Party featuring comedy music videos by Stuckey & Murray, Adira Amram and more + live performances by Rachel Parenta and more -- The Dressing Room, 11 PM, admission free with ticket purchase to either of Thursday night’s comedy music showcases

Friday, June 8:
• Books & Hooks: Comedy musicians perform songs on a book theme. This show’s book: The Anarchist’s Cookbook! Casa Mezcal, 86 Orchard St., 6 PM-7 PM, $8 in advance, $10 at the door

• A Night of Dirty Songs:
Pretty much exactly what it sounds like! Dirty folk rock, naughty ditties, raunchy tales of ribaldry – all set to a beat. Ben Lerman, Cock Lorge + more, hosted by Jessica Delfino (on her birthday!), who was publicly denounced by the US Catholic League for her songs being too awesome (and too dirty!). Casa Mezcal, 86 Orchard St., 7:15 PM-8:15, $8 in advance, $10 at the door

• A Killer Comedy Music Showcase: Hilarious, short and sweet, featuring Rob Paravonian, Devo Spice, Carla Rhodes + more. Drink specials and mad ambiance. Casa Mezcal, 86 Orchard St., 8:30-9:30, $8 in advance, $10 at the door

• Now That’s What I Call Comedy Music! Ben Lerman and Tim Dimond’s comedy music show in Long Island City featuring Myq & Micah, Soce The Elemental Wizard + more, Creek & Cave,10 pm – midnight, free

Saturday, June 9:
• 50 Funny Songs: A comedy music showcase at Tammany Hall, where 50 comedy musicians will each play a short song. Rob Paravonian, Mindy Raf, Carla Rhodes + 47 more. Hosted by Myka Fox. Tammany Hall, Doors at 7, show 8 – 10 PM, $8 in advance, $10 at the door

• Comedy Karaoke!: Come sing karaoke with some of the golden voiced comedians of the comedy music world. Upstairs Bar, 11 PM, free

Sunday, June 10:
Comedy Music Industry Panel “Feedback 101”: Hear from various people relating to the comedy music industry including industry professionals and a few comedy musicians who have some wisdom to impart. Culture Fix, 2-3:30 PM, $8 in advance, $10 at the door, more details TBA @

Comedy Music Awards: The NY Funny Songs Festival rewards several comedy musicians for their hard work and outstanding comedy music. Culture Fix, 4:30 – 6 PM, $8 in advance, $10 at the door

NYFSF Closing Party: Come eat and drink in style at a hip yet cozy Lower East Side Irish Pub as you mingle with pals from the festival and recount the memories. Donnybrook, 35 Clinton St., corner of Clinton and Stanton, 6:30 PM

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